What is the Awakenings Program?

The Awakenings Program is a leading-edge initiative in the Muslim Community to educate and empower.


By working together and connecting with like-minded souls towards the goal of personal awakening and communal development, you will have the opportunity to not only regain an unprecedented level of control over your own life experience, but you will lead by example in the service of your family and loved ones, and friends and community.


The Awakenings Program is first and foremost a course in personal development and spiritual growth, secondly a community, third a movement, and fourth, an opportunity.

1. A Course

The Awakenings Program is a 90 day course in personal development and spiritual growth that is designed to lead and guide you towards the best and most awakened version of yourself.


Over the course of 90 days, you will be guided and coached to learn more about yourself than you probably ever have. The key to growth and awakening is knowledge of the self, and through self-awareness, we advance upon the spiritual path.


Furthermore, the Awakenings Program contains continual support, guidance and knowledge to keep you upon the Path and to help you progressively grow towards the realization of your inherent divine potential.

2. A Community

In addition to the leading-edge course in personal development and spiritual growth within the Muslim Community, the Awakenings Program is an empowered and on-purpose community united by the singular goal of spiritual awakening and divine service.


With the Awakenings Program, you will have the opportunity to connect with and make lifelong friends and companions upon your spiritual path.


Members of the Awakenings Program are from amongst the most sincere in the Ummah, and join this program and community to support and to connect with like-minded souls so as to catalyze and quicken a spiritual awakening within the greater community.

3. A Movement

A movement…